We invite you to join us in creating a vibrant, active community.

North Kitsap Unitarians

We regret to announce that North Kitsap Unitarians have closed our doors. If you are interested in attending a nearby UU service, please check out the following churches or fellowships:

On Bainbridge Island: www.cedarsuuchurch.org
In East Bremerton: www.kuuf.org
In Port Townsend: www.quuf.org

We have changed the name of our Facebook page to Unitarians in North Kitsap. It will be kept active as a place to post items and hold discussions of interest to Unitarians in North Kitsap.

If you are a Humanist, there is a Meetup group called North Kitsap Humanists which you can join at www.meetup.com/North-Kitsap-Humanist-Meetup/. There is also a Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/NorthKitsapHumanists/

Our Covenant

We covenant:
To embrace a welcoming, compassionate, and nurturing spirit
To work toward justice and shared community with all beings
To appreciate the mystery of nature and the cosmos
To support each others search for spirituality and meaning